Champagne Drappier Trop m'en faut 75cl
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Champagne Drappier Trop m'en faut 75cl

Trop m'en faut! by DRAPPIER is a rare champagne made from a forgotten Champagne grape variety: Pinot Gris, known as Fromenteau. A real taste of yesteryear in the glass...

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Regarding the Champagne Drappier Trop m'en faut

DRAPPIER's Trop m'en faut! is a single-varietal, non-dosed champagne for lovers of pure sensations. Its name is a spoonerism of "Fromenteau" (the principle being to permute certain syllables in a sentence to obtain another).

This 100% Fromenteau is rich, full-bodied and silky. It is made from 50% of the 2017 harvest and 50% of the 2018 harvest. The vines are grown organically, and ploughed by horse. Very little sulfur is used.

The minerality of the limestone contrasts with the roundness of the Fromenteau. Notes of ripe mirabelle plums emerge, and the tension of the effervescence is softened by notes of honey.

DRAPPIER's Trop m'en faut! champagne is the perfect accompaniment to poultry, spaghetti à la poutargues or a vegetable tian.

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Champagne Drappier

Founded in 1808, Drappier owns 55 hectares of vines of which all the classic grape varieties are represented with a dominant for the Pinot Noir (70%) but some forgotten grape varieties are also present such as the Petit Meslier, the Arbane...

This family business prefers authenticity and uses very little sulfur. It has also created a sulphur-free cuvée: the Cuvée Brut Nature without sulphite.

The strong presence of Pinot Noir gives birth to powerful, vinous champagnes that seduced General De Gaulle in 1965. To pay tribute to him, Drappier has dedicated the Cuvée Charles De Gaulle to him. It is also the only House to offer for sale all sizes of champagne bottles: from the quarter bottle to the Melchisedec (30 liters)!

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