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The whole production comes from their vineyards which are located in the Mountain of Reims and in the Massif of Saint-Thierry, 10 kms far from the city of Reims. The stages of the cuvées processing are entirely made within the property, from working vineyard to pressuring the grapes, the wine making and finally the sparkling wine production. So, they can produce a Champagnes full of characteristics, made from of a single vineyard, a single grape, variety, blending vintage, and so on ...

Our Village 

The farm is located in Villedommange on the Montagne de Reims, old town of the Champagne region, where we find antic tracks in the eighth century under the name "Villa Dominica", literally "the farm belonging to a lord." This nobleman was none other than Louis first, called the Pieux or Le Débonnaire, King of France from 814 to 840.

Villedommange is also famous for its chapel dedicated to Saint Lié, which is found in many history books, tourist guides, dictionaries and calendars. This is a traditional village, one of the finest of Champagne, huddled around its church tower, crowned with famous vineyards as they are located in the premiers crus of Champagne.  

Our Vineyards

Our vineyards stretch of the Montagne de Reims to  St.Thierry in Trigny, very well exposed vineyard which gives to the cuvées a very good maturity and a perfect balance. The three Champagne grape varieties are represented in our house, based on young and old vines: a majority of Pinot Meunier (50%), 25% of Pinot Black and 25% of Chardonnay. Raised with passion, carefully aged by my wife, myself and our children soon, champagnes Florent Bergeronneau Marion never leave our cellars until their fullness stage, so that you can taste their full spirit.


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