Our Champagne Vintages

To select a vintage is important.

Indeed, some vintages are crafted to be tasted rapidly. Some others can be kept a few years in gaining maturity. Only the great years gives great vintage champagnes, but the weather conditions are different from year to year and thus, all vintages are different to each other, especially regarding their ageing. It’s the vintage’s qualities which determines the champagne future.

When you buy a champagne in a classic vintage, you make sure you have an excellent champagne that you can drink in a reasonable delay.

However, when you buy champagne in a great vintage or an outstanding vintage as 1996, you make sure you’ve done a smart choice through the years. The champagne will improve from year to year and will reward anyone who is patient enough to wait. Nevertheless, these champagnes can also be drank young.

Millesime 1996 Vintage Champagne

Certainly the best vintage champagne on the Market today.
That’s the One to Buy and to Keep In The Future, It Will Then Be Sumptuous.
1996 Will certainly be A mythical vintage.

Discover our Millesime 1996 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 1997 Vintage Champagne

Only the great champagne houses created the 1997 vintage, as it is complex and heterogeneous.To be drank now...

Discover our Millesime 1997 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 1998 Vintage Champagne

Great chardonnay full of freshness. Champagnes to be kept.

Discover our Millesime 1998 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 1999 Vintage Champagne

Great pinot noir vintage.
To be drank now, as it does not have a long ageing capabilities.

Discover our Millesime 1999 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2000 Vintage Champagne

The first vintage of the millennium! Great pinots noirs.To be drank now.

Discover our Millesime 2000 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2002 Vintage Champagne

Fabulous vintage.Probably the best one of the decade.
Great ageing capabilities, outstanding chardonnay, and generous pinots noirs.

Discover our Millesime 2002 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2003 Vintage Champagne

This is the year of the great heat wave in france. There’s a few vintage from this year but the one who take the challenge to create this vintage can be nicely rewarded...

Discover our Millesime 2003 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2004 Vintage Champagne

Balanced champagnes, high quality for chardonnay and meuniers. Great vintage, with good ageing capabilities.

Discover our Millesime 2004 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2005 Vintage Champagne

Great success for the chardonnay. Outstanding vintage, to be kept.

Discover our Millesime 2005 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2006 Vintage Champagne

Better pinots noirs than chardonnays. Great cuvée in ay, avize, verzy and oger. Champagnes to be kept.

Discover our Millesime 2006 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2007 Vintage Champagne

A chardonnay’s vintage, full of freshness and aromas. Great vintage and ageing capabilities.

Discover our Millesime 2007 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2008 Vintage Champagne

Great pinots noirs, weak yields, and noticeable acidity. Everything to creat an outstanding vintage! To be kept for long period of time...

Discover our Millesime 2008 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2009 Vintage Champagne

A limited output for this vintage.It's the pinot noir's year!

Discover our Millesime 2009 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2010 Vintage Champagne

A classical vintage.

Discover our Millesime 2010 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2011 Vintage Champagne

A great vintage!

Discover our Millesime 2011 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2012 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2012 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2013 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2013 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2014 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2014 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2015 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2015 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2016 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2016 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2017 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2017 Vintage Champagnes

Millesime 2018 Vintage Champagne

Discover our Millesime 2018 Vintage Champagnes

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