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Champagne DEVAUX

History of the Veuve A.Devaux  house starts in 1846. Created by Jules and Auguste Devaux brothers, their brand quickly and successfully participates in the world-famous wines of Champagne. After them, Madame Veuve Augusta Devaux, a strong character person in the Champagne region, took over the company and manages it with energy and talent.

In the late nineteenth century, it exports three quarters of its production. For a century, Devaux, based in Epernay, remain the property of the founding family: five generations to follow one another.

Last descendant with this name and without an heir, Jean-Pol Auguste Devaux decide in 1987 to entrust to the Auboise Union and its president Laurent Gillet, the destinies of this brand with a prestigious past. Always in the forefront of trends, the image of Champagne Devaux, elegant and dynamic, illustrates the character of its authentic and original wines. Signature, which identifies each bottle now, symbolizes that spirit. This House Veuve A.Devaux  was located Avenue de Champagne in Epernay for a long period of time, and it is now installed at the Domaine de Villeneuve (in Bar-sur-Seine in the Côte des Bar), in a superb, worthy of its past and future ambitions place.

This is where from the fermentation process, the cellar master watches over the many steps along the development of great champagnes, to start with the founding act of the assembly. To ensure the success of each of these key stages, and through the facilities of the area, the house uses the best of the Champagne region tradition associated with the most innovative equipments.

The ethics

Winemaking claiming the Appellation d'Origine Champagne is governed by rigorous legal rules.

In the Devaux House, the pursuit of excellence requires adherence to internal principles which are stricter, engaging the house in each of the key phases of the realization of a great champagne. Compliance with all of these ethical principles is the house’s commitment for those who prescribe or consume a champagne signed Devaux.

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