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The name Rothschild is a pledge of excellence in many areas, the first being the wine. Affiliated to the world’s most prestigious crus from France and abroad, this name refers to a tradition that associates know-how to the sense of innovation.
The Baroness Philippine and her son, Philippe (Château Mouton), the Baron Eric (Château Lafite), the Baron Benjamin and his wife Ariane (Château Clarke – Edmond de Rothschild’s group), join forces to elaborate a dignified champagne in accordance to their motto : Concordia – Industria – Integritas.

CONCORDIA : Concordia was a Roman goddess who symbolized political harmony between people living in the same region, or affection between the members of the same race, or of the same family. In Latin, it also means agreement, harmony. It is the root of words such as concordance, which refers to good relations between people with the same feelings and attitude. Associating the name Rothschild to a champagne could not be done without the agreement of every member of the family.

INDUSTRIA : It comes from the Latin word « industrius », which means active, zealous, eager. Industria means activity in general and application. Champagnes Barons de Rothschild are only produced according to the greatest rules and traditions, the choice of a limited production, linked to carefully selected supplies, and time. The necessary one which gives to the wine the quintescence of each cuvée.

INTEGRITAS : This Latin word means “entirely, the state of being intact” and “innocence ,honesty “. Respect for the land, respect for others, in every sense of the word, which of course entailed integrity, human rights. Barons de Rothschild champagnes are driven by excellence, in making sure that the familiy’s name is never betrayed. Integrity, by choosing a low dosage among the weakest and using elaboration methods that are traditionally used for Great Cuvées.

250 years of history and passion to create an exceptional artwork.

United and animated for over two centuries by the entrepreneurial passion, our family also embodies the sense of quality and lifestyle. We are pleased to share with you today the values of excellence, taste and convenience, Barons de Rothschild’s champagne offering a bubbly and tasty expression of all of them.

A very selective distribution

Barons de Rothschild’s champagnes are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. The weak production level combined with the strictest quality criterias make these classical cuvées one of the most expensive and remarkable ones. Their distribution is supported by the longstanding international network maintained by theFamily, and is restricted to the best restaurants and independent wine shops forming the basis of its ambassadors.
This selective distribution is also supported by prestigious charity events in which the Rothschild family is associated.

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