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The land of Ay Grand Cru

This land of champagne certainly possesses the richest historical past, produced the wine reference of the greatest journalists, writers and poets of all time ... and yet remains the mostly unknowned. Very few amateurs could have known how to remove the thin skin of its plant hills, immersed in the intimacy of deep faults of its limestone and things from them, as the roots of her young Pinot, mineral inspiration: delicate end in mouth. Very few have felt the Valnon coast vibrate under the July sun and ravens whirling in the warm winds that emerge in the early morning, the pickers, sparkling with dew and sweat, the shears stuck sugar: power and roundness flavorings. The great river and white mist on the river slipping slowly, slowly submerging the village, the hills and pushed by the sudden breeze, revealing the sunny valley as would the veil of a magician: nicely minty freshness, unmatched elegance of pinots of Ay.

The tradition Barrel aging had been completely abandoned in Champagne since 1950, but my father always kept his treasure. In order for the wines of Champagne to have such a reputation before they lather, the couple wine / wood must be extraordinary. Based on this concept, I did rebuild and certify Argonne oak barrels in the purest tradition. These barrels marked with AR are unique, and so are the bold, elegance and discretion of the woody flavor.

The best from progress.

Since the 17th century, the cathedral of Reims reflects our history: The coronation of kings of course, but also of people's lives, simply, the seasons and significant progress in their history. The legendary scene of the vineyard cutting process is part of it: "St. Vincent, the patron of the wine corporation, chatting with one of them, left his donkey graze on the vine. The winemaker was very angry but he realized, during the next harvest, that grapes were fewer but much larger and much better. " Saint Vincent might have been, through the angle of our 21st century eyes, the precursor of cultivation management. It's a legend but it was born from the sense of observing people and common sense, no doubt. Live with passion vine and wine, observe and gradually find the true path of a beautiful land! This is the philosophy of the Giraud House.

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