Our Website, selling champagne on internet, is only available online at the following URL address: www.enviedechamp.com


We advice you to carefully read our Website’s terms and conditions. Any customer ordering on our website fully accepts them. Any other kind of document cannot be accepted. We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Any use, copy, distribution, circulation of a part or all the content of our website is forbidden, except for private use and non commercial activity.


When a customer orders on our website, he will need to provide privacy data (name, company, address, telephone number, email address etc…) in order to create his account. We commit to respect the confidentiality of these data, and do not communicate them to any third part. Our website cannot be responsible for the information given by the customer, in the event of theses information would be incorrect or partially complete, and would result in an obstacle in the order, payment or delivery process.
As soon as the customer has confirmed and paid his order, our company SARL N.S.L ENVIE DE CHAMPAGNE will confirm the order by email, then the order becomes definitive. If one or many products are not available, we contact you in the shortest delay and we will propose an alternative choice, in coherence with your initial order. For any reason, if we are forced to refuse the order, the customer is informed immediately.
Our bottle’s prices include all taxes and are in euro currency (€), excluding shipping cost. We reserve the right to modify our prices without prior notice. Any promotional offer is subjected to a pre-defined length and to the available stock. Shipping costs are subjected to modification without prior notice, nevertheless, any order confirmed by us by email before the eventual shipping cost modification does not change.
Offers: N.S.L organises Private sales, Flash sales and promotional offers on the website www.enviedechamp.com. These offers cannot be cumulated together.


Payment can be proceeded by credit card (secured payment 3D SECURE), bank check or bank transfer. The customer will receive a detailed invoice by email, summarising its order. Our website uses the secured payment process from our partner, Banque Populaire. With CyberPlus payment and 3D SECURE (learn more), you are guaranteed to buy from an internet business company which is accredited by Banque Populaire. After you’ve proceeded to the payment, you will receive from CyberPlus Payment an electronic note including the usual information from a credit card payment. We only accept the credit cards mentioning VISA, EUROCARD and MASTERCARD signs. Our website does not collect any banking data. Your banking information is automatically encrypted and cannot be intercepted. In order to reduce fraud risks, we can proceed to controls, regarding the correct information of the payment. Should we proceed to these controls, the delivery delay announced may be increased from the length of the control. Following these eventual controls, we reserve the right to accept or cancel the order. Should we refuse the order, we immediately proceed to the cancellation of the payment.


As soon as the order is confirmed (recorded and paid), we will carefully prepare it in the shortest delay. The order is shipped the same day or within 24Hrs maximum (excl. weekends and bank holiday). Delivery delay varies from 1 to 3 working days for France (5 to 8 days for Corsica) and from 2 to 6 days abroad (1st carrier visit). If ever the delivery delay exceeds 7 days, you have the possibility to cancel your order in sending us a registered letter with acknowledgment receipt. In this case, we will refund the totality of your payment except the return costs which are at your charge (article L.121-20).
For France (excluding the island of Corsica), we propose you an Express delivery service: 24 Hrs for 25€ incl. taxes.
Please note that if some products require longer delivery delays, we will contact you in the shortest delay and will discuss with you to find an agreement regarding your order.
All our parcels are carefully packed with dedicated materials and an especially designed packaging for champagne. The seriousness and competence of our carrier partners allow us to avoid almost any damaged parcels and bottles.

Our sendings are shipped by one of our partners:
-  The carriers CALBERSON, from the international group GEODIS
Parcels are directly delivered to the address given.
All our sendings are insured for their real value, against break and theft.
Currently, we deliver champagne to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italia (except Sardinia and Sicilia: please contact us), Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (and its islands), Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

Shipping cost participation (all taxes inclusive):
Metropolitan France (Standard delivery 24Hrs to 72Hrs): 15€
Metropolitan France – Excl. The island of Corsica (Express delivery 24Hrs): 25€
Corsica: 18€ per 6 bottles

DOM (Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Martin, Martinique, Reunion, Guyane, Mayotte, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon): 98€ per 6 bottles.
TOM (New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna): 225€ per 6 bottles

ATTENTION, for shippings to DOM-TOM, the orders are paid without taxes, and the recipient will have to pay local taxes which can reach up to 50% of the total amount of the order.


AUSTRIA: 25€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

BELGIUM: 23€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 10€ per 6 bottles

BULGARIA: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

CROATIA: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

CZECH REPUBLIC: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

DENMARK: 29€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

ESTONIA32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

FINLAND: 29€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

GERMANY: 23€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 10€ per 6 bottles

GREECE: 29€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

HUNGARY: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles 

ICELAND: 78€ per 6 bottles

ITALIA: 25€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

IRELAND: 29€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

LATVIA 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

LITHUANIA 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

LUXEMBURG: 23€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 10€ per 6 bottles

MALTA 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

NETHERLAND23€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 10€ per 6 bottles

NORWAY 56€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

POLAND: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

PORTUGAL: 25€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

ROMANIA 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

SLOVAKIA: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 16€ per 6 bottles

SLOVENIA: 32€ from 1 to 6 bottles, than 16€ per 6 bottles

SPAIN: 25€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

SPANISH ISLANDS: 90€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 20€ per 6 bottles

SWEDEN: 29€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

SWITZERLAND: 34€ per 6 bottles

UK25€ from 1 to 6 bottles, then 12€ per 6 bottles

Shipping cost participation will be automatically calculated in your basket once you have chosen the country of delivery.

Please note that the products with "Free delivery" logo offer you a free delivery in Metropolitan France.

If you are not available at the delivery time, a calling card will be left into your mail box. Thus, you will contact the carrier to the address given and find with him another free delivery time or you can directly go to their local offices to collect your parcels.
Important: If your champagne cannot be delivered due to your fault (no possibility to enter the front door because you did not informed us of your digital code, or if you did not give us your telephone number to call you, or if you do not answer to the carrier following the calling card left to you) and would result in the return of the champagne to our warehouse, should you wish to be delivered another time, all the shipping cost remains at your charge (return cost and new shipping cost). We remind you that all the parcels transit at the addressee’s risk, so you must be very careful when you receive the parcel.
Despite all the care and precaution we invest on our packaging, our parcels can be, in some rare occasions, damaged and some bottles broken. The customer commit himself to proceed to a full control of each parcel when the carrier delivers the parcels: the customer must ensure, with the carrier, that the content of the parcels is in good condition, and write the necessary reserves and the delivery note. If the customer does not write any reserve, he cannot be entitled to any complaint and ask for a reimbursement of the broken bottles and missing parcel(s).

Delivery delay?
Please contact us on 0033 4 68 66 66 66 or by email. We’ll make our possible to track your order and answer you shortly.
Incomplete order?
You simply have to write your reserves on the shipping note (delivery document) mentioning the number of parcel(s) received. Following your reserves and contact by telephone or email, we will organise another sending as soon as possible.

Broken bottle(s)?
You simply have to write your reserves on the shipping note (delivery document) mentioning the broken bottle(s) or parcel(s) that you refuse. Following these reserves, you will contact us by email and we will immediately send another bottle(s) or parcel(s).
Our company can not be held liable for damages suffered to the goods once it is owned by the client (in example: poor storage conditions of champagne by the client etc ...)

Return requested by the customer.
According to the Consumer’s code statement of the article L121.16, the buyer have a 14 days delay from the date of the delivery to return the goods in correct conditions, in the original packaging with the original invoice (for an exchange or reimbursement) with no penalty charge except the return fees. If the customer wishes to be reimbursed, the price of the bottle(s) (excl. shipping cost) will be paid within 15 days following the date of return of the goods to our warehouse. Before the return of the goods, the customer will have to inform us in writing our company of its decision. Finally, following the delivery of its order, if the customer notes a problem due to our company’s fault (mainly a different product than ordered), we commit to replace at our charge the product sent wrongly.
Automatic return of the goods due to the addressee’s fault:
Once one of our carrier inform us that he cannot deliver an order, we immediately contact the customer in order for him to be delivered in the shortest delay and to avoid such return procedure. Indeed, according to the law, if the goods cannot be delivered due to the addressee’s fault, carriers are obliged to keep the goods for 8 days maximum. If it exceeds 8 days, the parcels are sent back to us, generating expensive return costs.


For some references, a minimum number of bottles is required. It is indicated on the item’s description.
All our products are limited in quantity, except if we already committed ourselves for the product and sale in-between time. Exceptionally, if a product is no longer available, we will immediately reimburse the customers of the according amount.
All the content of this website, including the graphics, pictures, texts, animations, logos and icons and formattings are under the exclusive property of our company, excluding the brand’s logos and content belonging to our suppliers and partners. Any copy, distribution, modification, download or publication of any content from our website, even partially, is totally forbidden unless otherwise stated by us. If this is not respected, the infringer will be punished according to intellectual property law, article L.3335-2. The infringer would engage its civil and criminal responsibilities and would be subject to a legal action.
Product’s pictures shown our website www.enviedechamp.com are not contractual. Our responsibility would not be engaged if an error appears on these pictures. The champagne we sell is for private purpose only and cannot be sold by our customers.


None of the two parts (customer and our company) will have failed to its contractual obligations if the contract is delayed, restraint in the eventuality of extreme conditions. Is considered as extreme condition any fact or unexpected event, unavoidable, beyond the responsibility of one of the two parts despite all their efforts. Should one of the two parts is under such circumstances, it will have to inform the other part within 10 working days following the date of the fact. The two parts will then get in touch together within a month unless it is possible to find an agreement and determine how the execution of the contract can be pursued. If the extreme condition last more than 3 months, the present terms and conditions will be cancelled by the injured party. Usually, is considered as extreme conditions by justice courts: blocking of the means of transport and suppliers, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, thunders, blocking of the means of communication beyond the control of the two parts.


Protecting your privacy and the security of your personal information is one of our priorities. This Policy sets out the principles and guidelines for the protection of your personal data and aims to inform you about : 
• The personal data we collect and the reasons for this collection
• How these personal data are used
• Your rights regarding your personal data

What personal data are used?
We are committed to collect strictly necessary data only. Personal data are collected directly on the basis of the informations you have provided, and are only used for the purposes that have been brought to your attention.

How do we integrate the data protection policy ?
We are committed to respect the protection of your personal data and your privacy as soon as you send us personal information. In order to ensure the security and the respect of your legal rights, every necessary measures allowing the protection of your personal data are implemented.

Which services or companies are your personal data communicated to?
We do not make business with your personal data. These are communicated to internal services which are directly part of your order process, such as Logistics Dept, Customer Services Dept, Sales Dept… Some of your personal data can be sent to suppliers who comply with RGPD such as Avis Vérifiés (Trusted Advices ), Mailjet, the emailing supplier we work with in order to send you our promotional offers, should you have subscribed.

Can your Personal Data be transferred outside the European Union?
No,your personal data are not transferred outside the EU.
How long do we keep your personal data?
We do not keep your personal data beyond the necessary length to provide you with the service, plus the retention period imposed by the applicable rules on legal prescription.

Are your personal data protected?
We are committed to take every necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and in particular to prevent them from being damaged, erased or unauthorized third parties having access to them. Furthermore, in the event of a security incident affecting your personal data (destruction, loss, alteration or disclosure), we comply with the obligation to notify personal data breaches to the CNIL (French data protection commission). We remind you that none of your banking data pass through via our website. Once a customer confirms his payment by credit card, he is automatically transferred on the online bank’s secured desk of the Banque Populaire: CyberPlus Payment 3D SECURE.

What are your rights regarding your privicy datas ?
At any time you can have access to your data according to the applicable rights of data protection : data access, data modification, possibility to refuse to receive our Newsletters, informations and offers, data erasing, data transmission. You have access to your data from your customer account or with our contact form . We are committed to reply to your request in the shortests delays, and in any case within the legal delays. You also have the possibility to contact our team member in charge of the data protection policy : Data Protection Policy Manager, SARL NSL, 71 avenue du Languedoc, 66170 St Feliu d’Avall.
Should you still haven’t find satisfaction, you can contact the Commission Nationale de L'informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy TSA 80715 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.


Our terms and conditions are subjected to the application of the french law. In case of dispute, the customer may contact our company to find an amicable solution. If the dispute persists, the trade Court of Perpignan, France, is only accepted.

Our team at your service

Standard: +33(0)

Sales service: +33(0)

B to B service: +33(0)

Aftersales service: +33(0)

Fax: +33(0) 04 68 61 41 28

Email: contact@enviedechamp.com

PRICES AND DELIVERY CONDITIONS Delivery in Metropolitan France : only 15€
And in Europe from 23€
SECURED PAYMENT Payment by card (3D SECURE secured payment system) VISA, CB, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS...bank check, bank transfer and PAYPAL.

Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health - Drink responsibly / Sale is forbidden if you are below the legal age in your country.
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